Your Obsolescence-Proof HR Manual

Are you faced with the dreaded assignment of having to write your company’s HR Policies & Procedures Manual? Or even worse, you’ve been given the task of updating an unwieldy doorstop of a manual that’s been neglected for years?

Are you guilty of procrastinating on getting started because you perceive this as a mega-project?

Or you have a sketchy idea of what to write but it’s all disjointed and incoherent, making it almost impossible to decide where to begin?

If so, this easy-to-follow and action-oriented book is for people in HR who need to write an HR Policies & Procedures manual from scratch, or have to update one, but have no idea what to do and where to begin.

Like any HR executive, you don’t really have enough time to set aside from your busy day-to-day schedule for writing a book-sized manual.

What people are saying…

“In his book, “Your Obsolescence-Proof HR Manual”, author Noel Gama shows you exactly how to write an easy to read and easy to follow HR manual for your company. Using his years of HR experience, he breaks it all down into a step-by-step, day-by-day sequence on how to write the manual with precise details of how it should be written and presented to management and exactly who gets what copies and who will be involved in the preparation of the manual. In just seven days you can create a manual that will be easy to follow by the company employees and at the same time, use Evernote to create an online version as well as the hard copy. He makes it easy to make changes, additions and subtractions to the manual. This is a must read for anyone involved in the creation of an HR manual or working in HR. I highly recommend this book. It will make your HR life much easier.”

David A. Dillon

“How has this book not been written before now? Updating HR manuals is environmentally inefficient, time consuming, and, thanks to this book, totally outdated. The author has figured out how to use Evernote to manage and maintain a company’s HR manual, and his methods for doing so are absolutely genius. Simply put, this book is a must-have for ALL organizations.”

Emily Rose

“The author has done an impressive job of organizing everything one needs to do to create an HR manual! He starts by describing what we need to do on day 1 – getting started. He’s created a detailed shopping list of the supplies needed. He then makes some very good points on how to make the manual user-friendly. Day 2 is about getting organized, day 3 is about The first draft, day 4 – the second draft, day 5 – the final draft, day 6 – the online version, day 7 is the launch day of the HR manual. Creating an HR manual doesn’t seem too much fun initially, but the author has managed to present the subject in a very well organized manner that makes it doable and even potentially fun! I highly recommend this book for those who have to write HR manuals – you will find the level of detail, knowledge, and organizing very impressive!”

Claudia Svartefoss

“Noel Gama has distilled the essence of HR manual writing down to a science. With this easy-to-read guide, compiling an HR manual will be a breeze. While I think the 7 days from start to finish is a little overoptimistic, it definitely presents an organized and quick method of doing what is usually an onerous chore.”


“Developing a company HR policy manual can be a frustrating and confusing task, yet Gama takes on this challenge and successfully created a step-by-step book to tackle this task in an easily explainable manner. His straight forward approach is clear and refreshing. He really knows his subject because of personal experience. All important areas are covered as the book tackles the major concerns in building an online manual and well as a hard copy one. This book would be a great training aid to HR employees in building a productive and effective department.”

Brenda Lynn

“As a medical office practice manager, I hated the creation of and the annual update of the HR manual. This book is a must to avoid the havoc an HR manual can cause. I wish I had this book ten years ago.”

Nora T

“An excellent guide to creating your company’s HR policy manual…and somehow the author, Noel Gama, manages to make this daunting task simple and even inviting. Right from the first basic preparatory steps, through who to ask to be collaborators, making the manual user-friendly, creating both a physical and a virtual manual, selecting the content and how to keep it updated…and all this (and much more) in just 7 days!! All relevant areas are tackled; legalities, forms and formats, different relevant sections, front, back and title covers, even obtaining testimonials and endorsements so that the creator of the manual is recognized and appreciated.Basically Mr Gama has done all the thinking and all that is required is to follow the steps laid out.It is obvious that he knows his stuff and he has a knack for explaining things in a straightforward, extremely practical manner. This should be in every HR department.”

Jennifer Clifton

“This is my favorite HR book – the simple, 7-step system makes it very easy and motivating to begin writing the HR Policies & Procedures Manual. Best of all, you can use this system for writing ANY policies &/or procedures manual – not just Human Resources manuals!”

John Michael

“I’ve been in HR for many years. When I came across this book, I thought about how my former company could have benefited from a robust HR manual. If you’re in HR and faced with the daunting task of updating or creating an HR manual, this book will help immensely. Somehow the author turns an unglamorous task into a manageable project. He explains the benefits and practicality. I could see this guide being especially useful in newer companies and startups. The author includes many examples and templates to make things even easier for the reader. I like how Gama offers up the idea to use Evernote as a way to store and communicate the HR guide online. The result is an effective and low cost solution. I recall having to go through layers of technical support just to get simple website changes made at my last company.”

CK WindyCity

“A must have reference book for all organizations and HR professionals. It is the best solution available for writing a HR Manual. The contents are detailed, simple and generic. One of the best books on the subject.”

Sanjay Mishra

“I’ve considered a career in HR before, but I thought that it may be too tedious, daunting, and frankly boring. I don’t think I would be able to tackle the task of creating an HR manual. That is until I read this book. The author clearly knows what he’s talking about and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. This is a must read for HR professionals in any industry.”

Ayodeji Awosika