Bridge that gap – rope in the Cable Guy!


The Editor
UTs Voice


Dear Sir,

UTs Voice’s report on the status (quo) of the bridge over the Daman Ganga River made depressing reading. Obviously, a lot of water has flowed since August 2004!

While the free bus service has given the local populace some respite, even this gets disrupted when the Zari Causeway overflows during the monsoons.

Another alternative could be the introduction of cable cars to ferry people across the river. The possibility of taking the ropeway on lease from hill stations during monsoons being off-season, could be looked into.

Some of the benefits of the ropeway are:-

Safety even when the river is in full spate;

Reduction/elimination of cost of bus/boat transport;

Reduction in traffic congestion over Zari Causeway which itself is not strong enough;

Preservation of natural resources (reduction in consumption of petrol/diesel by motor vehicles taking the Kachigam/Karambeli detours);

Reduction of pollution caused by emissions from the dense traffic converging towards the causeway;

Tourist attraction due to its uniqueness;

Noel Gama

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