‘Bungalow Inglais!’

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey My grandmother used to scare me a lot saying if i dont stop mischief, she will take me to dak bangla or bungalow never knew what dak bungalow was. Now I know thanks a lot.


  2. Noel Gama
    Noel Gama says:

    Yeah, and another one used was to say that a ‘Kabool’ was on the prowl. ‘Kabool’ was supposed to be a giant with a long beard and a turban who’d take away little children!

    Guess where that came from? Traders from Afghanistan (Kabul is the capital) who made the door-to-door rounds in the old days, selling dates!!

    Later on, in the 60s when the Indian government made the first attempt to build a bridge at the site of the original bridge, ‘Kabool’ came back to life to haunt us but in another avatar – to take away little boys for sacrificing at the site so that the bridge would be made stronger:(

    Think you can fool the children now? They’re busy killing more fearsome demons than ‘Kabools’ and penetrating more frightening places than the ‘Dak Bungalows’ on their video games!!

    Noel Gama

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    yeah I heard of this one too. Long beard… yes! cool.

    What about Birem-Boa(Term for White/European?.) or sombra de Birem-Boa (Albino – pigmentary dificiency) Description: extreamly fair/bright?

    and Cafrinho (referred to Black african). Im sure there is a song Cafrinho de Pangai(an island?), normally sung during christmas times.

    Portu – Macak

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Cafrinho de pangai? I might have be wrong.Is it Carrinho de Pangai.

    Pangai – Tonga island

    Continente: Oceania
    Nome Completo: Reino de Tonga
    Localização: Arquipélago no Centro-Sul da Oceania
    Capital: Nukualofa
    Governo: Monarquia Parlamentarista
    Moeda: Pa’anga
    Nacionalidade: Tonganesa
    Religiões: Cristianismo 93%, Bahaísmo 6%, Outras 1%
    Idiomas: Tonganês e Inglês (oficiais)

    Any thing.. anyone.. any clue to that song

    portu – curiós

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    louvado! yes, this is it!

    (follow the link)http://odamao.blogspot.com/2008/08/louvado-cabelos-torcido.html

    I found the lrics a bit different ie “Cabelos Torcidos”
    Instead of “cafrinho”/”carrinho” da pangai mija no praia wa wa wa I heard this version many years ago.

    portu – louvado


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