The Song of Daman

Let me introduce you to Daman with the lyrics of a song I wrote dedicated to my home-town:-


This is the story of Damão
My sweet little home-town
And if you are a visitor
You’re bound to hear it somehow

For the talk of the town, is the town itself
The story is short you’ll see
But it sure is the best place
In the whole world for you to be

‘Da Mao’ is Portuguese for ‘handshake’
Peaceful people we are
We still make lots of salt dear
Down by the riverside

In Damão we are all good friends
And related to one another
We all do great business dear
In the name of personal favour

Many wonder, ‘why do we need
The little light-house at all?’
With 350 bars my friend
Daman’s the world’s wettest place

We have three wonders which please don’t miss
The jig-saw puzzle over the creek
Is nothing but an upside down
Three-piece, rusty, old, hanging bridge

The old fort which could never be
Invaded from the outside
Is now being invaded dear
Righta from the inside

The aquarium’s rare fishes, caught
From the Daman Ganga River
On the brink of extinction have earned
The distinction of ‘endangered species’

And last, but not the least dear
We too have our share of beaches
Devka Beach and Jampore dear
Sister-concerns of Singapore

So can’t you see, we are self-sufficient
And just to make it more convenient
We have our own currency dear
Which is strongly anti-apartheid!

Noel Gama

Copyright © 1989 Noël Gama

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  1. Pradip
    Pradip says:

    Dear Noel,

    You made me cry. once again started thinking for come back to Daman, you know dear, we spent Golden period of our life there.

    Harsh is learning keyboard.

    Love… Josh


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