Wanted: Potted History of Daman!

I’ve been searching for the potted history (also known as timeline) of Daman (Damao) for my website, www.discover-daman.com.

In case anyone has a source where I can obtain the potted history of Damao, I’d be very much obliged if you’d kindly share it with me.



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  1. jutin Lopes
    jutin Lopes says:

    Dear Noel
    What are you looking for as to regards of your work”Potted history”? I have an old book entitled”NOTICIAS E DOCUMENTOS”
    By Antonio Francisco Moniz printed in 1923.
    this book contains a lot of ancient datas.I would not mind letting you have it for your perusal.

  2. Noël Gama
    Noël Gama says:

    Dear Justin,

    Thank you so much! I have a copy of the book.

    However, I received the potted history from my friend, Dr. Adelino Costa (currently chief of Fundacao Oriente – Goa) a few days ago and will be using it.

    BTW, since Moniz’ book was published in 1923, I suppose it is no more under copyright. I would be a good idea to print more copies so that more people know our history.



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