Writers Bureau (UK) “Writer of the Year 2007”

As published on the web site of Writers Bureau at www.writersbureau.com:

The Writers Bureau
Writer Of The Year 2007 is…
Noel Gama

Noel has had a fantastic year with his writing which has culminated in a UK book deal.

This year, again, we were presented with a tough choice for our winner. In the end we chose Noel because, not only has he worked tremendously hard to produce a good body of work, he’s also used new technology in an imaginative way to expand his

What’s more, he’s done all of this in his spare time!

Copyright © 2007 Noël Gama

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well done Noel!

    I should have congratulated you at first. Wow its great to see a Damanese win writers bureau of the year 2000. Keep it up.

    I’ll get your book signed when I come to daman

    portu – alegre


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