Fort being invaded from the inside!

The lyrics of my song “..the old fort which could never be invaded from the inside, is now being invaded dear, righta from the outside…” proved prophetic.

According to a report of the national newspaper, Hindustan Times of 17th June 2006, a huge building has been constructed illegally in the fort near the old lighthouse. On visiting the site, I also discovered to my dismay that a public road has also been encroached upon by the builder.

I contacted the editor and was informed that further investigations follow and a TV channel will be covering the story next week.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    you should have known it belongs to someone by the name Sayeed something extreamly wealthy and powerful Industrialist. I believe he wants to own the whole fort.

    he is un touchable! I tkonk.

    portu – medros

  2. Noel Gama
    Noel Gama says:

    Yes, you’re right about the owner’s identity.

    The project is completed and it looks like a one of the sets in a James Bond movie!

    He has another mansion next to my ancestral house in the fort.

    But the guy has taste, I must say!


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