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HAPPY WORLD DAMAN DAY – 20 August 2009!

Dear Damanenses and lovers of Damao,


Wishing you A Very Happy & Peppy 2nd World Daman Day!

M D G Rocha (Country Coordinator – India)
Oscar Noruega (Country Coordinator – Macau)
Pranay B Kolakkar (Country Coordinator – USA)
Franco Fonseca (Country Coordinator – UK/P’boro)
Luis Fonseca (Country Coordinator – UK/Leicester)
Sandra Gonsalves (Country Coordinator – P’gal)
B Lopes (Country Coordinator – UK/Leicester)
Lysa Lopes (Country Coordinator – UAE)
Silvester Machado (Country Coordinator – UK/London)
Tony Machado (Country Coordinator – Canada)
Sharmila Mascarenhas (Country Coordinator – UAE)
Maria Franco (Country Coordinator – UAE)
Veridiana de Sousa (Country Coordinator – Holland)
Noel Gama (Overall Coordinator – Daman, India)

Viva Damao! Come, Discover Daman!


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