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Daman Day 2013 – Press Release


DAMAN, January 30th 2013: 2nd of February, the historical date (02.02.1559) when Damão first came to be, has been celebrated worldwide by Damanenses as ‘Dia de Damão’ (Daman Day) for centuries.

The festival is a celebration of the unique culture of the people of Daman and includes musical festivals, food festivals, traditional/folk dance performances, art & craft displays and various competitions that encourage artistic expressions of their culture.

The essence is celebration of all that is inherently old-world, ‘Damão’ – the sights, the sounds, the senses and the ‘saudades.’ The mandate – “Feel, think, breathe, live, eat and drink, to Damão!”

The celebrations begin in August, along with World Goa Day celebrations, in countries like the UK, US, UAE, Canada, and Holland among others, and culminate on Daman Day on the 2nd of February which is celebrated in Daman, Macau and Portugal.

The theme for Daman Day 2013 is “Viva Damao! Raise a toast to traditional Damanense cuisine!” The theme comprises a title and a subtitle. While the title, “Viva Damão” is permanent, the subtitle changes every year. The themes in the last few years have been:

2012: “Viva Damão! 100% Música Portuguesa!”

2011: “Viva Damão! Proud to be Damanense!”

2010: “Viva Damão! Eu falo Português!”

2009: “Viva Damão! Come, Discover Daman!”

2008: “Viva Damão! Keep the culture alive!”

Daman Day is a self-financed initiative of the Damanenses under the aegis of World Goa Day and its founder, UK-based Rene Barreto. Each participating country has a ‘Country Coordinator’ who is in constant touch with the Daman-based ‘Overall Coordinator’ and founder, Noel Gama.

Beginning last year, the organisers in Daman, teamed up with the Daman Municipal Council (DMC) to celebrate the event jointly as the council has already been sponsoring the traditional annual mass commemorating the feast of Our Lady of Purification and N S das Candeias every February 2nd at the DMC Square.

The event launches with high mass in honour of the patroness of the city, Our Lady of Purification at 6pm, followed by a cultural program showcasing Damanense folklore which will include a play in Portuguese, Damanense folklore and traditional Portuguese and Damanense dance performances by local artists and musicians.

More information can be found at www.Discover-Daman.com

Noel Gama
Overall Coordinator – Daman Day (Dia de Damao)

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World Daman Day 2010 – Daman

Following the resounding worldwide success of World Daman Day 2008 & 2009, the organizers decided to open the celebrations of the 3rd World Daman Day (2010) on the 2nd of February 2010 – the day Damão came to be in 1559 – leading to the big day itself under the aegis of World Goa Day courtesy, London-based founder, Rene Barreto.

The theme of World Daman Day 2010 was, “Viva Damão! Eu falo Português!” because of all the cultural facets – art, religion, tradition, custom, language, music, cuisine, architecture and attire – language is the binding glue that holds it all together and it also is the conduit through which culture is propagated.
Damanenses around the globe in countries like the UK, US, UAE, Canada, Portugal, Macau and Holland among others, celebrated all things Damanense by showcasing their Damanense cultural heritage through artistic and cultural expressions such as musical and food festivals, competitions, traditional and folk dance performances, art & craft displays and football tournaments. This idea proposed by Rene in 2008 has now grown into a great tree spreading its branches around the globe while rooted deeply in our culture. Though the official website at www.WorldDamanDay.com has been serving its purpose excellently, this year we used Facebook as the main means of communicating and propagating the concept thus making it possible for anyone with a Facebook account to participate. This made the need for ‘meetings’ obsolete as we did not have the usual consensus of a handful of naysayers but the mandate of 1300+ Facebook fans of Daman!
While World Daman Day has mainly been celebrated by Damanenses outside Daman, in Daman itself the movement picked up so much momentum this year that it surpassed the celebrations of all other places by far! There was a football tournament on the eve of WDD-2010, which saw six teams vie for the WDD-2010 cup over 18 matches. The next evening, WDD-Daman turned out to be the best ever, anywhere, World Daman Day – an unexpected crowd; presence of Professor Ajay Prasad, of Centre for European & Latin American Studies, JMI University, Delhi; beautifully presented Portuguese traditional dances and folklore; 100% Portuguese music; Damanense cuisine; dinner and dance; speeches in Portuguese – you name it! And best of all – no self-titled, ‘VIPs’ – because on WDD, every Damanense is a VVIP!
We have been flagging off World Daman Day on the 2nd of February – “Dia de Damão” – and culminating the celebrations in August-September. However, since this time of year sees the most inclement weather due to the southwest monsoon, not to mention school exams and the popular demand for shifting the main event to February, Daman will henceforth have the main event on the opening day i.e., 2nd February, beginning 2011 while other countries will continue to celebrate it on or about the 20th of August.
Noel Gama
Overall Coordinator – WDD-2010
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World Daman Day 2010

Take a sneak peek at the brand new World Daman Day 2010 website here: http://www.worlddamanday.com

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Countdown to World Daman Day 2009 – Football match

In the countdown to the 2nd World Daman Day, a football match was organized by Ralph Miranda on the 16th of August 2009, 6pm, at the football ground in Big Daman. The two teams specially formed for the event were named, ‘Damao’ and ‘Portugal.’

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World Daman Day messages from WDD-09 Country Coordinators

Hello Mr. Noel Gama

It is so far one year past and here we are to celebrate, WORLD DAMAN DAY 2009.


It gives me very much pleasure to tell you that on the 16th. August 2009, we will be celebrating WORLD DANAN DAY with our few Daman people living here in Holland.

So right from this coner of Holland a land of WIND MILLS, we invite you all our Daman Fellows to join the CELEBRATION.





Celebrations are always full of excitement and joy. Today once again the Damaneses re-live Damanin the real sense of the word, via our customs and traditions not only through our festivities but in our hearts as well. We recall our great history, the ones who have gone before us and who are now blessings us from above.

Let’s soar in the tide of our second World DamanDay celebration throughout the globe in whatever way we can. Be proud of our great cultural heritage and always enjoy being a Damanese.
This is our Big Day to treasure, so cherish and fill it with wonderful, colorful moments and sweet, joyful memories. Let the extra rich and special feeling of this day envelop us in its warm embrace.Remember the unique and outstanding features of Damaneses are the warmth, love, care, concern and helping nature which always stands out and shines brightly for the world to see.

Wishing all the Damaneses around the Globe “A HAPPY WORLD DAMANDAY 2009”

Also, wishing the Goans “A HAPPY WORLD GOADAY.” and the people of Diu “A HAPPY DIUDAY”

Congratulations to Rene Barreto and Noel Gama for their successive triumphant achievements and efforts to make this occasion a day to remember.

Maria Franco & fly.
Country Co-ordinator, Fujairah, U.A.E.


Dear Damanenses,

Daman does not have many such occasions. Probably not one where all Damanenses – rich or poor, big or small, educated or uneducated, of different religions and casts, those who have never stepped out of Daman and those who live in a so called ‘classy world’, a day where, we all ‘THINK Daman’, ‘EAT Daman’, ‘LIVE Daman’ and ‘LOVE Daman’ together. This is a great investment, a marvelous happening and a boost to Damanenses and Daman.

I wish there had been such a day much earlier and sincerly hope there will be more of these to bring DAMANENSES and celebrate DAMÂO together in unison. Many may not have caught on this day-WDD, for various reasons. As for me, with all my heart, I wish to celebrate with every Damanense on this WDD-09 – not for the date, not for anything else, but just to be with all Damanenses. Good to have such a day. Good to have a dedicated Daman Day.

Congratulations to Noel, all Damanenses around the World, and Damanenses in Daman who make things happen. Thanks to Rene Barreto for whispering into Noel’s ears and a Happy World Goa Day to Goa.




Oscar Noruega & Family


Although we are miles and miles away from our dear homeland, we hold dear the Daman Culture and our bond with the people of Daman is beyond understanding. Canada is a beautiful place as you can see from the photographs and we all enjoy this beautiful place that God has made, however, we still love our Daman and in Daman we remain united.

God Bless all Damanenses,

Tony Machado
Country Coordinator (Canada)

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HAPPY WORLD DAMAN DAY – 20 August 2009!

Dear Damanenses and lovers of Damao,


Wishing you A Very Happy & Peppy 2nd World Daman Day!

M D G Rocha (Country Coordinator – India)
Oscar Noruega (Country Coordinator – Macau)
Pranay B Kolakkar (Country Coordinator – USA)
Franco Fonseca (Country Coordinator – UK/P’boro)
Luis Fonseca (Country Coordinator – UK/Leicester)
Sandra Gonsalves (Country Coordinator – P’gal)
B Lopes (Country Coordinator – UK/Leicester)
Lysa Lopes (Country Coordinator – UAE)
Silvester Machado (Country Coordinator – UK/London)
Tony Machado (Country Coordinator – Canada)
Sharmila Mascarenhas (Country Coordinator – UAE)
Maria Franco (Country Coordinator – UAE)
Veridiana de Sousa (Country Coordinator – Holland)
Noel Gama (Overall Coordinator – Daman, India)

Viva Damao! Come, Discover Daman!


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Message from Dr. Adelino Costa (Portugal) on World Daman Day 09

Caros Damanenses

Estamos a poucas horas de iniciar as celebrações do World Daman Day 2009.
É uma boa oportunidade para que eu envie uma saudação a todos os Damanenses, residentes ou não residentes em Damão, incentivando-os a preservar as suas tradições e práticas culturais específicas e distintas, que conservam tantos traços da herança cultural portuguesa.

Porém, é de toda a justiça salientar nesta iniciativa o papel mobilizador que tem sido desempenhado pelo Noel Gama que, com grande dedicação e muito entusiasmo, tem estado na primeira linha da preparação do World Daman Day e na dinamização de um renovado sentimento de orgulho dos Damanenses pela sua terra e pela sua cultura.
Ele merece a nossa gratidão e o nosso apoio para continuar essa nobre missão a que se tem entregue.

Viva Damão! Vivam os Damanenses!

Lisboa, 18 de Agosto de 2009
Adelino Rodrigues da Costa
(antigo Delegado da Fundação Oriente na Índia)

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Meet Damanenses worldwide on Facebook

Damanenses have taken networking from the bazaar to the internet!

Meet them on Facebook and interact with them on the group, “Discover Damao in Daman.”