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Press Release – 1st World Daman Day

Here’s the press release shot out by Rene Barreto founder – World Goa Day, from London on 3rd July 2008:

1st WORLD DAMAN DAY – 20TH August 2008

WORLD DAMAN DAY is being celebrated for the very first time on the 20th of August 2008 under the aegis of WORLD GOA DAY courtesy, Mr. Rene Barreto – the founder himself!

Daman has always looked upon Goa as its ‘Big Brother.’ But no two fingers are alike and so it is with siblings. These cultural differences though subtle, lend Daman its uniqueness. This worldwide event is a CELEBRATION of the unique culture of the people of Daman who have an identity of their very own – the DAMANESE!

“Damão is not just the former name of Daman,” says Noël Gama, Overall Coordinator of WDD-08. “It’s another name for the Indo-Portuguese subculture of Daman and is a way of life. But most importantly, when broken up into its two syllables, it reveals the secret behind the characteristic hospitality of the typical Damanese – ‘Da mão’ – which literally translates as, ‘give me your hand,’ in Portuguese meaning, ‘welcome!’”

The organizers are sure that the Administration of Daman and the Tourism department in particular, will support this endeavour. But only the proactive participation of Damaneses abroad will make it a resounding success.

So, we call upon all Damaneses wherever you may be around the globe, to dedicate the 20th of August every year, to PROMOTE, PUBLICIZE and CELEBRATE all things DAMANESE by showcasing Damanese cultural heritage through artistic and cultural expressions and celebrations like…


People of Damanese origin, all over the world, are invited to come together and not only actively participate but initiate these worldwide celebrations, which will be coordinated by Noël Gama who is based in Daman.

Let’s all celebrate all that is Daman – the sights, the sounds, the senses and the ‘saudades.’ Let the party begin – feel, think, breathe, live, eat and yes, drink to Daman!

FOR MORE DETAILS – Please contact your coordinator in your country of residence or the Overall Coordinator in Daman at: noelgama@mac.com

About the Overall coordinator – Noël Gama is the winner of the “Writer of the Year 2007” award of The Writers Bureau, UK and the author of “Culture Wise INDIA,” now listed on Amazon.com. His signature Blog2Book projects caught the attention of a former Consul General of Portugal in India, who launched one of his websites, www.noelgama.com on Indo-Portuguese culture and is now being turned into four books viz., “Viva Damão! The Indo-Portuguese Subculture of Daman,” “Saudades! Folk Memories of Damão,” “If You Ever Come to Damão – Ultimate Travel Guide to a little-known Ex-Portuguese Hideaway”and “Where Angels Tread – Photo guide to the Churches, Chapels, Crosses & Grottos of Daman”

Country Coordinators:

Portugal – Bosco Mendonca
UK – Franco Fonseca /Bertoldo Lopes
Macau – Noel Libano
Holland – Veridiana Veloso de sousa
Fujairah – Maria Franco
Sharjah – Lysa Lopes
Australia – John Machado
Saudi Arabia – Sylvia Rebello
UAE – Joe Colaco
Ajman – Maria Noruega
Abu Dhabi – Anthony Colaco
Dubai – Jack Machado
Oman – Sharmila Mascarenhas
Saudi Arabia – Brian D’costa
Kuwait – Veronica Fernandes

Websites – http://web.mac.com/noelgama/wdd08

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