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Press Release: 2nd World Daman Day – 20th August 2009!

DAMAN, 8 August 2009: Following the resounding success of the first-ever, WORLD DAMAN DAY last year, the organizers launched into the second year as early as April 2009 for the worldwide celebration of the 2nd World Daman Day on the 20th of August 2009 under the aegis of World Goa Day courtesy, London-based founder, Rene Barreto.

“Daman has always looked upon Goa as its ‘Big Brother.’ But no two fingers are alike and so it is with siblings. These cultural differences though subtle, lend Daman its uniqueness. This worldwide event is a celebration of the unique culture of the people of Daman who have an identity of their very own – the Damanense,” says Daman-based author, Noël Gama who is the Overall Coordinator of the event.

The theme of World Daman Day 2009 is, “Viva Damao! Come, Discover Daman.” “Damão is not just the former name of Daman,” clarified Mr. Gama. “It’s another name for the Indo-Portuguese subculture of Daman and is a way of life. But most importantly, when broken up into its two syllables, it reveals the secret behind the characteristic hospitality of the typical Damanense – ‘Da mão’ – which literally translates to ‘give me your hand,’ in Portuguese meaning, ‘Welcome!’

Damanenses around the globe in countries like the UK, US, UAE, Canada, Portugal, Macau and Holland among others, celebrate all things Damanense by showcasing their Damanense cultural heritage through artistic and cultural expressions such as musical and food festivals, competitions, traditional and folk dance performances, art and craft displays, etc.

While World Daman Day is mainly celebrated by Damanenses outside Daman, in Daman itself there will be a football match on the 16th of August at 5pm in the sport ground in Moti Daman and on the big day itself, a cultural program in the evening. More information can be found at www.WorldDamanDay.com.

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