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Seafood Festival – 23-27th Jan 09

It’s blowing a bit here in Daman but crowds are queuing up to get on to the lift for grabbing a place at the ‘Lime Lite,’ one of Daman’s most famous rooftops – Hotel Gurukripa in Small Daman.

Proprietor, Vijay Tandel, launched ‘Seafood Festival’ – 23-27th Jan 09 featuring a Daman/Goan theme. I sampled what he had on offer on the 25th evening… fish, crab, prawn, lobster, salads, rice chappatis, Bombay ducks, cocktails and Portuguese/Konkani music… great crowd too.

Viva Damao! Come, Discover Daman!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I would love to be there now Noel. Especially in this recession many of us in the UK is hit hard. In peterborough a factory has closed/closing with many damanese employed there. I pray that they have the courage to move on finding a new job and I’m sure they will succeed

    Portu- 🙁

  2. Noël Gama
    Noël Gama says:

    Yes, the recession has hit almost everyone everywhere, more so in the West. In India it hit the IT industry first and then B2C companies. I’m lucky to be working in a B2B company and that too in the infrastructure sector with the government as our main customer.


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