The Last 48 hours of the 400-year Portuguese rule

While researching my book, “Saudades,” I found nothing but one-liners like ‘Daman was annexed to India on 19th December 1961’ or ‘The 400-year P’guese rule finally came to an end on December 19th, 1961’ etc., about the sequence of events in the last 48 hours of P’guese rule.

If, even I, a five-year old then, retained some vivid images of those 48 hours, I am sure hundreds of our townsfolk would have more accurate and clearer accounts of their observations and personal experiences to share! So many questions left unanswered like who were the two children that were hit by a bomb while fleeing from the convent? If our generation does not record this, we would be depriving future researchers of valuable data.

As such, I intend soliciting first-hand/eye-witness accounts of what happened in the last 48 hours of the P’guese rule i.e., 18th & 19th Dec ’61 and then publishing this anthology as a free ebook on my website.

Anyone who was present in Daman on 18-19th December, 1961 may send in about 2000-word write-ups of their observations, experiences, fears, etc., preferably by email, stating their name, age & contact address. In case… just in case… there is a photograph that was taken while running for cover, I promise it will make it to the cover of the ebook!

I eagerly look forward to receiving your submission.

Copyright © 2006 Noël Gama

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