Here’s some great news: Rene Barreto, the founder of World Goa Day contacted me for launching the first ever, WORLD DAMAN DAY along with World Goa Day on the 20th of August.

Like World Goa Day, WORLD DAMAN DAY is a day for Damaneses all over the world to celebrate our great cultural heritage which is so unique.

Rene asked me whether the culture of Daman is similar to that of Diu – this is what I replied:

“The culture of Daman has elements of both, Diu and Goa though more of Goa as Goa is the big brother of Daman & Diu.

However, Daman has a subculture mostly populated by the Catholics. I call this subculture, ‘Damao.’

And, this subculture is more Portuguese than the Indo-Portuguese culture of Goa.

My book, Viva Damao! Guide to the Indo-Portuguese Subculture of Daman, portrays this.”

Rene has invited me to be the World Coordinator and is now seeking Country Coordinators in the UK, Portugal, Macau, Dubai and every country where we have even just one Damanese.


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