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Soon it will be Christmas Day

‘Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…’ goes the popular song by Wham! And come to think of it, we all look forward to Christmas and yet when it’s Christmas Day, most of us look back, reminiscing. I remember the early 60s in Daman when people would start collecting eggs weeks in advance, carefully writing […]

Diwali in Heaven

As published in UTS’ Voice of 16.11.05 DIWALI IN HEAVENByNoël Gama Dusk, Nov. 1st – Big Daman Cemetery All Saints’ Day observed by Christians on the 1st of November was not only the eve of All Souls’ Day but also Diwali, the festival of lights, thus morphing solemnity, somberness and festivity as at dusk, the […]

Bridge that gap – rope in the Cable Guy!

To, The EditorUTs VoiceDaman SUB : BRIDGE THAT GAP – ROPE-IN THE CABLE GUY! —————————————————————————- Dear Sir, UTs Voice’s report on the status (quo) of the bridge over the Daman Ganga River made depressing reading. Obviously, a lot of water has flowed since August 2004! While the free bus service has given the local populace […]

The Miracle at the Home for the Aged

This song was born out of what happened one night at the Home for the Aged in Big Daman. A sick old lady had been left in the home because the wife of her only son did not want her in their house. The visits of her son decreased over the months while the permanent […]

Alma Mater Always Matters!

Having come across an invitation from the Reader’s Digest to all its readers in their June 2005 issue for one’s personal story of inspiration, I thought to myself, ‘what better place to begin than at the beginning where it had all started?’ So, PDA in hand, at precisely 8.00am one Saturday, I walked down my […]

Bridge Across Troubled Waters!

MAN RAISES AND NATURE RAZES BUT THE HUMAN SPIRIT RISES UP EACH TIME! Come rain or shine, these 2 colonial siblings – Damao Grande & Damao Pequeno – are inseparable! In fact, the river Daman Ganga is looked upon as a mother embracing her 2 children under the watchful eye of San Jeronimo with his […]

Candle-light Vigil

Big Daman Cemetery – dusk, November 1st All Saints’ Day observed by Christians on the 1st of November is also the eve of All Souls’ Day morphing solemnity with somberness as, come dusk, the church bells begin to toll while the congregation silently winds its way to the cemetery to light candles at the gravesites […]

The Song of Daman

Let me introduce you to Daman with the lyrics of a song I wrote dedicated to my home-town:- DAMÃO This is the story of DamãoMy sweet little home-townAnd if you are a visitor You’re bound to hear it somehow For the talk of the town, is the town itselfThe story is short you’ll seeBut it […]